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My name is Clive Swersky.  I am the host and producer of Alive with Clive -- The TV Show That Inspires You To Multiply Your Magnificence!  And I have some exceedingly good news for you!

You see, a few years ago, I realized that my purpose in life is to help people discover the core genius that resides within them, unleash their brilliance and multiply their magnificence.

Naturally, that launched me on an extensive and comprehensive inquiry as to how to accomplish just that.

In the process, I have made a startling discovery.

The answer lies in our thoughts!

I realized that intangible forces in the universe govern our lives.  For example:

  • The soil provides the environment for the water, supplied by nature, to quench the thirst of the roots so the fruits and vegetables that sustain our life on earth can grow;
  • When we suffer an injury or illness and recover, we are healed in ways no one has been able to explain;
  • The oceans have currents that cause the tide to come in and go out, waves to wash up on shores and water to be warm in some parts and cold in others, affecting climate all over the world;
  • Electricity provides the power for all things electronic to operate;
  • The seasons come and go, year in year out, without fail;
  • The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, while the earth spins on its axis and revolves around the sun, each and every day;
  • The entire solar system is held in balance by the force of gravity; and
  • Radio and sound waves enable us to communicate and receive news and information in ways that were thought to be impossible not so long ago.  

But, what I realized, above everything else, is that OUR THOUGHTS are the most powerful intangible force of all!

It therefore became apparent to me that in order for me to achieve my goals as quickly as possible, so I can go on to tackle more audacious goals, I must think the most powerful thoughts possible all the time!

So the question became:

How can I think the most powerful thoughts possible all the time?

Over the years I have read countless books, attended lots of seminars, participated on hundreds of conference calls and seen thousands of quotes all for the purposes of directing me to think the most powerful and productive thoughts possible.

But these thoughts have haphazardly been scattered all over the place.

I wanted them in one place so I could refer to them all the time.

So, I've created a book called Quotes To Multiply Your Magnificence -- A Compilation of the Most Inspiring and Insightful Quotes of All Time!

It captures and encapsulates the core essence of the most powerful thoughts and words of wisdom applied and implemented by the great leaders and achievers of the world to fulfill their dreams and make the difference they have made for all humankind.

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Quotes To Multiply Your Magnificence contains over 375 quotes organized into seven different chapters, and included at the end of the book, too, are seven awesome bonuses you will love.

Here are the titles of the seven chapters:

  1. Discovering Your Passion And Unleashing The Genius Within You
  2. Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
  3. Commitment, Courage, Taking Action, Overcoming Fear
  4. Persistence, And Dealing With Adversity and Challenges
  5. Making A Difference In The World
  6. Love
  7. Miscellaneous

I can assure you that there is no more powerful way to start any day than by reading Quotes To Multiply Your Magnificence!

To discover how to gain access to Quotes To Multiply Your Magnificence -- A Compilation of the Most Inspiring and Insightful Quotes of All Time! and all future updates, and also gain instantaneous access to the Introduction to this book NOW, FREE!!! please enter your full name and email address in the fields above and click on Submit.

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