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Secrets and Lessons

Here are some of the secrets and lessons I revealed and discussed during the workshop:


  • The five most powerful questions you can ask yourself and answer to put you on track to living the life you have been DNA-coded to live;
  • The 21 proven ways used by the world’s most successful inventors, entrepreneurs and companies to create innovative products and services that create unpredictable profits;

  • The one key question you can ask yourself to create ideas to boost your bottom line into the stratosphere;
  • The golden recommendation to stimulate creativity I learned from Earl Nightingale, the father of the personal growth and development movement, which I use frequently to solve the seemingly most intractable of problems;
  • How to uncover damaging mental blocks embedded in the deep dark recesses of your brain that are unwittingly keeping you imprisoned in the life you’re living now and preventing you from pursuing your passions and fulfilling your dreams;

  • The most important lesson you can ever learn for leading the most amazing life you can, and how to apply it  (Hint: It is never taught in any school or college!)

  • How one simple essential test that takes less than an hour will alter the course of your life forever;

  • The one extraordinary principle I learned from Jay Abraham about business that will put you in the ranks of the superstars!

  • The powerful lesson I learned from Mark Victor Hansen he calls “the best kept abundance and prosperity secret in existence”;

  • The one statement I heard from one of the commentators in the movie, The Secret, that has had such a profound impact on me that I continue to be flabbergasted by it’s ramifications;

  • How one simple diagram I saw Harv Eker use in a presentation altered the way I make the most important decisions in my life;

  • The most valuable lesson Robert Allen ever learned from Oprah Winfrey;

  • Why most people won’t ever make it on to the right-hand side of Robert Kiyosaki’s cash-flow quadrant, and the simple yet profound shift in your thinking you can make to become one of the people who do;

  • The dynamic, fool-proof, method to overcome procrastination, get you fully engaged in major projects you can’t seem to start, and put you on the road to achieving your most important goals far faster than you have ever done before;

  • The one key character trait possessed by 4% of people who control 96% of the wealth;
  • Why the vast majority of people have been programmed to always never do what they want to do in life, without even realizing it;

  • One of the key missing practices for an amazing life revealed in the movie, The Secret, that makes all the difference in the process of you getting whatever it is you want;

  • The simple four-word mantra I use to establish powerful and productive habits that last a lifetime;

  • The indispensable four-word formula used by the most accomplished achievers who have ever lived;

  • The four simple, yet golden, rules I learned from Dan Sullivan, The Strategic Coach, and apply in my life every single day;

  • Why it is absolutely essential for you to read The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle NOW!

  • The one simple and enjoyable habit you can effortlessly adopt that will enhance the way you communicate with the universe and the way the universe communicates with you!

  • The three phases of development we all must experience if we are to become fully self-actualizing human beings, why most people never reach the third phase, and why it is not possible to become all you can be by relying only on a traditional education;

  • The one most underused, but fun-filled, method you can use to bring an abundance of joy into your life NOW;

  • The brilliant quote I heard from Tyra Banks while I was in a bookstore at the San Francisco Airport when she was interviewed on Larry King Live recently about her weight!

  • The most important 16-word sentence you will ever read!

  • Why The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People described by Stephen Covey are so effective, and how you can apply them to enhance your life today for the rest of your life!

  • The one paragraph from John Assaraf’s book, The Street Kid’s Guide To Having It All, I like so much I have read it at least 30 times, and what it can do for you;

  • Why it is so crucial for you to know what Malcolm Gladwell has written in his two classic bestsellers, The Tipping Point and Blink.

  • The most beneficial substance you can ever consume, and how you can gain access to it;

  • The three most profound statements I heard at a seminar almost twenty years ago that altered the course of my life;
  • The incredible three-step formula that is guaranteed to create a stampede of orders for any product or service you offer of provide.

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